Guía para el consumidor

Member Guidelines

As a valued Un Rato Juntas™ member, you will receive lots of gifts. Un Rato Juntas™ gifts come in many forms: from tips, and real conversations from other Latinas like you to exclusive information about new products, brands, and services. Un Rato Juntas™ is all about spending quality time with family & friends so we encourage you to share gifts with them—and make the best of it! Here are a few guidelines to consider when sharing a gift.

Déjales saber que eres parte de Un Rato Juntas.

If you choose to tell your friends about a product we told you about, be sure to mention that you're an Un Rato Juntas™ member. If you received a coupon or sample from us, mention that too. That way everything’s above board. Will a coupon or free sample cause you to gush about a product that you don't really like? Probably not. But your friends should know the deal.

Stick to the facts.

Believe it or not, brands spend a lot of time with lawyers discussing what they can and can't say about their products. If what the brand is saying relates to the performance, makeup or intended uses of the product, they have to be able to prove it somehow. So, if we tell you that 'Brand A cleans twice as fast' or 'Brand X works better than Brand Y,' you can expect that it is a proven fact and it's OK to share with your friends. However, you shouldn't say that 'Brand X works better than all other products.' If it can't be proven or it isn't an intended use of the product, you shouldn't say it even if you think it may be true.

Tus experiencias personales importan.

Your opinion and your experience with a product is fair game. Good or bad, love it or hate it — it's OK to tell people what you really thought about a product we sent you. In fact, that's what we hope you do. It's also OK to tell people how the product worked for you. For example, it's fine to say 'it didn't clean my skillet' or 'it made my hair smell great.' While facts have to be proven, your opinion and your experience are uniquely your own and uniquely valuable, especially to your friends and people who trust you to give them the straight scoop.

Keep it real, chicas.

Please don’t post anything—photos, videos, etc.—that aren’t yours. Meaning: if you didn’t take the photo, don’t post it. If you post it and claim it as your own there could be legal consequences, and we don’t want that, right?

And finally…don’t sell Un Rato Juntas™ gifts on Ebay, or anywhere else.

The vast majority of our wonderful members already know this, so this goes out to the rebellious few: please don’t sell Un Rato Juntas™ gifts—they are only for you and your friends (or family, of course).