While Hispanic Heritage Month only lasts a few weeks, most of us celebrate our culture everyday with family and friends. To find out more about how our community values this time of year, so we sent out a survey. Here is a summary of what you shared!

What are your favorite things about Hispanic Heritage month?
What, if anything, do you wish could be different?  

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Natalia M.
Un corazón latino e hispano es un corazon lleno de vida. Nuestra herencia y cultura define hacia donde vamos y lo que hemos conquistado y conquistaremos. Feliz de ser puertorriqueña.
Trudie S.
I believe every Heritage should be celebrated. After all we are all in this country together and should respect each individuals right as American's to celebrate.
Cristina S.
I can remember in our home getting together to make pastelles. We would each have a station of different things to do to make hundreds of them for thanjsgiving .
Monica F.
I love the month of October, because in my church there is a big event, first we go to church to thank God, and after that we have this big dance and food from every country that comes in the church ( Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala...) siempre la pasamos muy bien, celebrando y comiendo nuestras tradiciones y añorando nuestra tierra.
Tina H.
I love learning from others about their culture during Hispanic Heritage month.My hope is that one day everyone will respect and accept others as they are and embrace them!!
Wanda V.
I wish we as Latinas oh latinos had more opportunity to succeed and spread our cultural roots in more activities around the comunnity
Karen M.
I love this site..All of my 3 kids are 1/2 spanish,Puerto Rican but still hispanic..I love how all kinds of holidays there is a wonderful display of wonderful homemade foods..I am very glad and proud to be excepted by my other 1/2's of their families..
Angelica M.
Es verdad que un mes para celebrar nuestras raices hispanas es muy breve, pero es nuestra responsabilidad celebrarlo todos los dias, no solo un mes. Aunque naci en Mexico, creci en USA y soy bilingue porque lo estudie en la secundaria y universidad, y me encanta leer, escribir, y hablar los dos idiomas igualmente. Pero lo que mas festejo de mis raices es la comida y la musica porque es inigualable y eso me hace sentir #SiempreOrgullosa.
Carla S.
Siii somos latinas y a mucha honra!
Abril F.
Thank yuo